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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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sheree: kidnapped from a hotel in the greater cincinnati area. >> if somebody points a handgun at me, i consider them pretty dangerous. mike: tonight police are looking for 2 robbers who hit several atm' s. a local man shoots and kills a burglar inside his home. and investigators say many more suspects were involved. and sweet lou, that' s who. more on the reds' plans for the opening day parade. leading the way, on-air, online and on the go, news 5 at 11:00 starts now. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] mike: police are looking for a man who kidnapped another man it near the airport. sheree: they forced the man to take money out of several atm. we have the scary situation. reporter: this was a terrifying ordeal. the victim was a construction worker from out of town, and he
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s day. but he ended up abucted from this hotel, and robbed. >> let' s not go looking for love in all the wrong places. reporter: the out of town victim thought he found his valentine' s companion, but he fell victim to a plan to abduct and rob him. >> he was not severely injured, perhaps his ego. reporter: investigators say the 22-year-old man met the woman. he brought her back to his room at this quality inn around 10 pm. investigators say the woman stepped outside to take a phone call. >> and moments later, a man barges in. reporter: the man had a gun. deputies say they forced the victim to go with them to get cash at several atm's. >> they proceeded to go from atm to atm to atm, six in total and they get money averaging probably a lot of people' s weekly pay. reporter: eventually a machine took the victim' s card so the suspects couldn' t get more money. >> they popped him in the mouth and the eye and dropped him off and left. reporter: investigators say the victim was kicked out of the car at this red roof inn,
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miles from his hotel. >> how dangerous? if somebody points a handgun at me, i consider them pretty dangerous, so yes, absolutely. reporter: investigators are releasing exactly how the victim and the women met until they get deeper into the investigation. i am told the entire ordeal lasted an hour and a half. tammy mutasa wlwt news 5. sheree: investigators are not releasing the victim's if you know anything, you' re the boone county sheriff' s department. mike: a home invasion turns into a homicide. lockland police investigating its first wlwt news 5' s emily wood is live in lockland with more on the case. emily? emily: lockland police say investigators recovered a gun and a knife from inside the home. according to the 911 call and police, the man who lives at the home claims four people broke into his house and
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a knife. caller: guy just tried to come and he' s dying on the floor. emily: tracks, police tape surrounds this tan and burgundy home on maple street in lockland as investigators try to figure out how a home invasion turned deadly. police say one man was found inside the home with a gunshot wound to the chest. 911: ok, how is he injured? caller: uh, you' ll find out when you get here, when they get here. 911: did you shoot him? caller, ma'am, he' s down. emily: neighbors in the area say it's not surprising to see police on this street corner, they never thought it would involve the man who rents this home. >> he' s a defender, you know, he defends his community, he defends himself quite naturally. what would you do if somebody came in your home. 911: do you know the man who
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caller, he, uh, no i don' t. emily: police chief james toles says the shooter is working with police as well as three other people who entered the home and stayed on scene. >> the incident seems to be cleared very quick when we have cooperation, so we' re hoping that we have people that will tell us something and we can get this resolved within 24 hours. emily: tonight, investigators have not released the name of the victim or the man who shot him. and so far, no charges have been filed. reporting live in lockland, emily wood, wlwt 5. mike: lockland police are also looking for a fifth person involved, last seen driving a gold car away from the scene. if you have information that could help police, call crimestoppers. >> west chester is a very great christian, good-willed people. to put something like this in. why tempt? sheree: the fight to keep a swingers club from opening in west chester might be
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battle for the township. and for neighbors. the owners of the club are trying to buy the location here on harwood court off commercial drive. the club submitted floor plans, background checks and other documents. , west chester argued the zoning department approved the license before the background checks were complete. >> i' m not making a value judgment on this type of establishment. it' s well outside of my world, but this court has the duty to follow the letter of the law. sheree: the judge ruled the sex club had submitted the proper paperwork, but west chester officials still has a moratorium on adult businesses. the club' s attorney says they' ll move forward with the request for a zoning permit. mike: dayton independent schools in kentucky. will be back open tomorrow after a bomb threat cancelled classes and games today. police arrested two 12-year-old girls, both accused of saying they were going to bomb the schools this morning on social
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all schools were called off and senior night for the girls basketball team was cancelled tonight. >> they tried covering their tracks, but nowadays with electronic stamps, there' s just a trail of footprints everywhere. >> kid, you' ve got to be careful. what you transmit can be tracked back and will be tracked back, schools take this very seriously. mike: officials say the girls didn' t pose an actual threat but are charged with terrorist threatening. sheree: happening tomorrow, hamilton county is now accusing the sewer the wrong size. has cost $100 million. they say the msd ignored its own recommendations on 98% of its sewer projects. a public hearing on a new rule for standards starts at 11:30 tomorrow morning at the county administration building. zika worries spreading in central ohio
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the cdc' s hands. the concerns center in columbus and franklin county. health officials say the specimens involved people who recently travelled out of the u.s. it could take another 3 weeks for test results. >> those are individuals who have all traveled to one of the affected countries where we know the gun is being actively -- where we know zika' s is being actively transmitted by mosquitoes. defects. life threatening. mike: new details into a deadly plane crash in xenia last month. the preliminary report from ntsb pilot joel lansford did not make a distress call before crashing. today, the plane was heading back to its home greene county airport, after getting repairs witnesses say they saw the plane make a left then turned runway. lansford was the only person on
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and died at the scene. the fbi will be getting assistance from apple to help collect evidence on the san bernardino shooters. a judge ordered the tech company help federal investigators hack into an i-phone belonging to sayed farook. he and his wife killed 14 people in december at a company holiday party. the couple died later in a gun battle with police. apple has specialized software that can cripple a phone' s security encryption feature, that would erase data after too many unsuccessful unlocking attempts. sheree: two state champions, celebrated in one night. summit country day raised a pair of banners tonight inside flannery gym. the silver knights won both the girls and boys state title in soccer last fall. each student-athlete from the team will be honored on the gym' s wall. for the girls' team 2015, it was a perfect 24-0 season and a second state title in five years. >> they were 8th graders and again, i remember having conversations with some of them about wanting to get their
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working for that, so i think that was something that inspired some of the kids that were here to try and make that goal as >> tonight' s ceremony took place before the badin summit boys basketball game. sheree: a cincinnati tradition is ready to step off with the help of a reds legend. mike: lou piniella will be the grand marshal april 4th for the findlay market opening day parade. sweet lou recently returned to the reds as a senior advisor. he famously managed the 1990 reds to their wire to wire championship. as for the route, this year there' s a bit of a change the parade route begins on race street at findlay market and will proceed south on race street, then east onto fifth street. the parade continues past fountain square before ending at fifth and sycamore just past the taft theater. sheree: two puppies found next to a dumpster in louisville in the freezing cold are ready to be adopted. we told you last week, about the rumpke worker that found four puppies inside a
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container. two were already dead, but the kentucky humane society took the other two. after being cared for, samson and gregory are ready for adoption. they are holding a lottery for , these two. the deadline to enter is tomorrow. mike: a dangerous disease leading up plenty of steam in cincinnati. >> we need to think of this as a failing. sheree: what is leading to an alarming number of cases, and what to do to stop the trend. meteorologist: temperatures have dropped, i will let you know what will happen for the middle of the week, and the warm-up. the corner.
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today where' s the beef? means something different. some use beef frozen from far away. but wendy' s believes the juiciest hamburgers are made from fresh beef raised... right here. land of the beef, home of the deliciously different dave' s double. mike: the war on drugs now bringing a new challenge, hepatitis c. sheree: the outbreak continues and rate of the infection in parts of the tri-state is among the highest in the country. wlwt news 5' s karin johnson explains what local health departments are doing to stop the spread of the disease. karin: it' s a contagious illness that attacks the liver and it' s on the rise in
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s rate of hepatitis c infection is among the highest in the country. more than 1100 cases were diagnosed in 2015. that' s up 27% from the year before. hamilton county' s hep-c numbers have also risen from 1150 cases in 2014 to 1774 last year. >> what' s the most alarming to us in public health is that we' re seeing so many more cases in that 25 to 34 age group. we know that' s also the age group where we' re seeing a lot of opiates due to the disease of addiction. karin: health officials say our region' s struggle with hepatitis c is closely tied to high rates of intravenous drug use, like heroin. >> we' re seeing more cases of hepatitis and we' re also watching very carefully the hiv numbers. karin: people often become infected with both viruses through sharing needles and syringes. locally, hiv numbers have stayed relatively the same. for health officials, stopping the spread of these infectious diseases begins
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the war on drugs. >> we need to think about this as a society as a disease, just not a moral failing. karin: hamilton county health officials say they' re looking to create a comprehensive program. >> we' re looking to implement a blood-born infection reduction program. karin: which will include needle exchange programs, better access to infectious disease testing, along with medical care and therapy. karin johnson, wlwt news 5. sheree: warren county says it saw a slight drop in hepatitis c cases last year from 2014, but overall, and the last five years, it' s numbers are up. pres. obama: the constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now. mike: president obama making it clear tonight, he will select a nominee to the supreme court. he says there' s more than enough time for the senate to consider a nomination to replace justice antonin scalia. pres. obama: there are a lot of
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under a lot of pressure from various special interests and constituencies, and many voters, to not let any nominee go through, no matter who i nominate. but that' s not how the system is supposed to work. mike: republican senator charles grassley of iowa heads the senate judiciary committee. he said today that he believes the president should nominate a successor, and that he will consider that person because that' s his job as a senator. sheree: in commitment 2016 now, the south carolina primary is four days away and republicans are ramping up their war of words. donald trump is claiming ted cruz isn' t eligible to be president and cruz says trump isn' t fit to lead. the latest cnn poll found trump 16 points ahead of cruz. meanwhile, jeb bush has recruited his brother to campaign for him. former pres. g.w. bush: strength is not empty
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is not theatrics. real strength, strength of purpose comes from integrity and character. sheree: on the democratic side, both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are trying to attract african-american voters. clinton leads sanders by 21 -- by 18 points in one poll. mike: a suspect digs himself into a deep hole, with a backhoe. this is dashcam video from a police chase with a stolen hoe. sheriff' s deputies outside miami, florida, say their 59-year-old suspect damaged the sides and surface of a bridge by driving the backhoe back and forth. spike strips eventually stopped the chase, and the man was arrested. sheree: also in florida, severe weather caught on camera. surveillance cameras caught fierce winds uprooting palm trees and tossing debris, in the miami area. neighbors compared the sound of the forceful storm to a freight train. the winds were so strong that officials are investigating if a tornado
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the area. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. meteorologist: much better looking night over my shoulder. you can tell by the visibility. you can see into northern kentucky tonight, probably eight or nine miles. low cloud cover out there tonight. we haven' t seen those clouds break during the evening hours. they are going to come back, there are already beginning to come back in and will linger into wednesday. we still have a big-time warm-up headed our way for the end of the week and the weekend. i will go ahead and call it a case of spring. fever alert. 26 right now at the airport. the winds are calm. we have got clear skies, calm winds across the area. that will change in the next
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you can see where the skies have cleared out, look at hamilton down to 25, harrison. tonight. overall, the skies remaining clear for another couple hours, temperatures may fall in other 5-8 degrees. 25-34 overnight lows. now. for highs tomorrow, generally gloomy, on the cloudy side. we may see those clouds thin some, and some sun late in the afternoon. here is yesterday' s system. a little system job off to the
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underneath the word chilly, notice clouds are moving back in. there are flurries and showers north of indianapolis, those will bypass the tri-state. no real weather makers to speak of in the next couple days. it looks fairly quiet. for this forecast, determining when the clouds will eventually get out of here. for certain, they are definitely gone by thursday. that will help usher in a big-time warm-up for the area as we get the end of the week and the weekend. we have the jet stream, all the way into the deep south. for the past week or so, we have this open door to arctic air, but arctic air. they have had record warmth in california, areas in the 90' s. we will not get that warm, but there will be a nice push, a
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that will allow temperatures to jump well above normal for this time of year by the weekend. 26 for a low tonight. tomorrow, expect clouds to linger, another chilly day. a carbon copy of today, 37 for your afternoon high. 29 at 8:00 a.m., 34 by lunchtime, and mid-30' s tomorrow afternoon. let' s look your seven-day forecast. unlike last week at this time when i said the last seven days would be freezing, beyond thursday night, it is hard to find subfreezing temperatures on here. and low 60' s on saturday. we will cool off later in the week. as of right now, for the next 7-10 days, temperatures it generally at or above normal for this time of year.
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leading to quickly, winter is still not over just yet. sheree: springtime, white or have a feeling you and george could be golfing this weekend? mike: i' m that if they way from the courts for a wild. the metropolitan religious coalition for a conversation on faith related issues in the media, a very familiar voice. that is curtis miller, among those taking part in hyde park for the 40th annual meeting. no mistaking when curtis walks in a room. you hear that deep voice. another honor for thomas moore.
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sportscaster: you see it' s the road for a thursday game against also. welcome back everyone. we don' t have to wait around here for college basketball. on the home floor tonight against detroit, johnson leading the north with 14 points on that missing tried.
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the tray, getting out of town with a win 74-68. espn insisted on using this angle for live action. mark makes a great play for the great play tonight. ohio state, 76-66 over michigan. miami in action, did not go well 73-56 is the final. handrolled cigars could be the big item at this year' s opening day parade. lou pennell a named the grand marshall today. he was a the reds in 1990' s. another honor picked up at thomas moore. division iii, national player of the week.
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row tonight, beating by 87-63. now, let' s introduce our latest, beacon orthopedics and sports medicine primetime performer of the week for it he has covington catholic' s cj fredrick and derek for us. he has the story of the kernels of super sophomore. >> in a win versus dixie heights on friday night, sophomore forward cj fredrick. 20 points to help lead covington catholic 28 58-31 win. >> people think i am a shooter, and just stand and shoe. but i can get in the lane. i can dish to people under the basket, i have a nice pull up. i am a good all-around score. >> fredrick is a second and the team in scoring with 11.3 points per game. but you don' t still the hard work you put in behind the scenes. >> he does a lot on his own, too. i don'
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driveway or the rec center, but i know he spends a lot of time in the game. he is a student of the game. all those things culminate into his performance really improving every game. >> high, i' m scott ruthsatz with covington catholic, and i' m here to present the beacon orthopaedic primetime performer to cj fredrick. cj, congratulations. great week, coach. sportscaster: coach is having a great week during 72-44. mike: usually have 12 players around there. sportscaster: there were in the locker room getting ready for the big game tonight. watching a little film in there. sheree: getting ready for the
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mike: -- sheree: police investigating the first homicide of the year. four people broke into his home and threatened him with a knife. officers found one man a dead inside, shot by the man who rents this.
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the homeowner is being cooperative, no charges have been filed. mike: boone county shara' s deputies investigating a valentine' s day kidnapping. a construction worker from out of town was looking for companionship on sunday. investigators say the woman stepped outside to take a phone call, when a man barged in with a gun, forcing the victim to go to several atms, six in all, to withdraw money. sheree: a slur -- a slight warm-up tomorrow. meteorologist: temperatures will climb close to 60 degrees, heating up by the end of the week. it has been a cold stretch, and we will be able to shake off that chill in the next couple days. mike:
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